Companion animals are more than just pets—they are part of the family and a member of your pack. As with all loved ones, we want to ensure that they are cared for if disasters occur. Pet insurance makes sure your little buddy is covered. It provides peace of mind, knowing that coverage could save—and extend—the life of your pet.

There are many pet insurance companies available, and we encourage you to seek different options to find the best fit for you and your furry friend. Once you have a policy in place for your pet, whenever a covered treatment is required, you simply pay your bill at the time of service and then submit the invoice to the insurance provider for reimbursement of the covered portion.

Based on our experience, Chena Veterinary Clinic recommends the below providers, which are not related to Chena Veterinary Clinic. We highly encourage you to carefully read the policies offered before making a decision.

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