1. "Our dog loved this place! She's usually very frightened when she goes to the vet and needs some time to warm up to new people. Me and my husband were surprised at how the assistant was so nice and friendly when she was around our dog (she seemed to love animals and her job!)our dog did something she has never done before at other places and that was to be comfortable during her check-up and when she was being handled by the assistant and the actual vet. Definitely will be back to this place and the service was awesome!"

    Estrada M.
  2. "Thank you for...the care you took with Oof. And for your patience with my gabbling on, coming to Chena Vet Clinic with Oof was pure luck. Working with you and your staff has been one of the best things that's happened to me in some while. Simply put, I'm grateful."

    Elizabeth C.
  3. "My dog has had two instances which really scared us. Both times Chena vet was on it and had us there ASAP. The people who answer phones are so kind and courteous, vet techs and assistants are always informative. Thanks so much for taking care of our house of 5."

    Laina C.
  4. "Thank you all for your incredible compassion and care these past few months and weeks with Gullan (and me + Sam). You all went above, and beyond which seems to be a theme at Chena Vet. We so appreciate all the extra time you spent on her, and I will honestly miss interacting with you all on a regular/frequent basis."

    Danielle K.