Veterinary Technician

Sue has been an employee at Chena Vet Clinic for over 10 years and has worked in veterinary medicine since arriving in Alaska in 2009. She received her LVT in 2016 after learning the skills needed through on the job training, studying, conferences and hard work. She continues to seek further education to progress in the field of animal medicine.

Prior to having an interest in working in the veterinary field, Sue worked fifteen years in special education in her home state, New Hampshire. First as a direct care staff, then special education director to eventually the school principal. Sue also holds a BS in Accounting. She truly enjoys a challenge and seeks out adventurous and care-oriented careers.

When not working with others' animals, she can be found with her kennel of dogs. Sue and her husband, Mike, are the owners of Tsuga Siberians, a competitive kennel of 30+ Siberian Huskies. The kennel is known for their exceptional dog care and multiple Veterinarian Choice Awards earned in sled dog races, such as the Two Rivers 200 and the Yukon Quest.

Besides dog mushing and veterinary medicine, Sue enjoys growing, gathering, catching and producing a lot of her own food. She is a wealth of knowledge and continues to bring dedication, hard work and laughter to our clinic.