Office Manager / Human Resources

Mercy started working at Chena in 2018 as a kennel assistant. Her love and ease with animals was evident when working with direct patient care. But soon, her natural social skills with the clients shined through. Slowly but surely, she became the Office Manager, first in duty, then by name! Over the course of a few years, she has grown and developed immensely, becoming not only the voice of the clinic but also a much-needed mediator for staff and patients alike. Her past experience in other vet clinics has helped enhance our systems and flow, and we are excited to see how she helps us develop further! Mercy now takes care of 3 retired sled dogs, Dingo, Savannah, and Nulato. She is often watching other sled dogs as well and is always surrounded by the sweet canines. In the winter, she loves ski-joring, long winter walks in the brief daylight and snuggles with her retirees. In the summer, she bike-jors and runs her dogs along with camping adventures in the great Alaskan wild, enjoying the state she has called home for many years.