Veterinary Technician

Kim was initially hired with Chena Veterinary Clinic in the fall of 2011. After years of working closely with the vet team, Kim studied and worked hard to earn her veterinary technician license in the spring of 2018. She enjoys dentistry and assisting in surgery with anesthesia, and has honed her skills in these areas.

Kim was born and raised here in Fairbanks and graduated from UAF with a Bachelor’s of Science in biology. She started off working in GIS analysis but after spending years working at and managing a horse boarding facility as a teenager and through college, she decided that working with animals was what she really wanted to do. With over 10 years of dedicated work at the clinic, we are so thankful she focused her passion with animals in working with us!

Her and her husband Jacob have a daughter, Leliana, and two dogs, Layla the Newfoundland and a husky mix named Harvey, as well as a cat she rescued, Jack! In her spare time she likes spending time training with her two horses Ollie and Molly on the trails around Fairbanks as well as floating her kayak down the Chena River.

Kim’s ability to flow with the daily changes that are natural to a clinic environment is a secret power we all admire. Her exemplary work and reliability is greatly appreciated by the whole staff, patients and their owners!