Mercy Hampton

Office Manager / Human Resources

Mercy started working at Chena in 2018 as a kennel assistant. Her love and ease with animals was evident when working with direct patient care. But soon, her natural social skills with the clients shined through. Slowly but surely, she became the Office Manager, first in duty, then by name!

Sue Ellis

Veterinary Technician

Sue has been an employee at Chena Vet Clinic for over 10 years and has worked in veterinary medicine since arriving in Alaska in 2009. She received her LVT in 2016 after learning the skills needed through on the job training, studying, conferences and hard work.

Kim Iverson

Veterinary Technician

Kim was initially hired with Chena Veterinary Clinic in the fall of 2011. After years of working closely with the vet team, Kim studied and worked hard to earn her veterinary technician license in the spring of 2018.