Veterinary Assistant

Phoebe grew up as a "military brat"(her words) and moved all over growing up- from places as far and wide as Germany all the way to Alabama. Her love for animals and community service merged when she began volunteering at her local animal shelter when she was 16. After graduating high school, she went on to attend Temple University, where she received a Bachelor's degree focused on Non-Profit Work. She continued to help her community by fostering animals from the animal shelter here and there during college  After completing her degree, Phoebe started full-time at the Hawaiian Humane Society as an Adoptions Rep for about a year.  She then took a pause from animal work but suspected she would find her place at a vet clinic down the road. When she decided to move to Alaska from Hawaii in 2020, she immediately began looking for jobs at vet clinics and we were lucky enough to snatch her up. Phoebe worked for almost 3 full years co-managing the front desk before she was able to transition to working directly with patients, which is where her natural passion is! She is now a veterinary technician assistant, and is hoping to earn her tech license over the next few years! Phoebe is energetic, passionate, detail oriented and incredibly compassionate to both patients, their people, and staff. Here in her now home state, Phoebe enjoys camping with her dog and soul mate, Katori, and cuddling in her cozy cabin with her roommate and cat, Alvy. In addition to camping in the Alaskan wilds, she also fills her time, gardening, ski-joring, and riding her bike on her local trails.